February 07, 2016

New Hampshire blues

Carson's gonna be out.  Trump'll self-destruct. Rubio we've got stuff on. Cruz...no one wants Cruz, how is Cruz even in this?  Fiorina's ours but she's nuts, can't lead the ticket.  Kasich we'll deal with, or maybe he'll play ball...


For the first year-long period on record, from Oct. 1, 2014, through the end of September 2015, the Coast Guard recorded zero operations-related commercial fishing fatalities in Alaska, a milestone in an industry known for its “Deadliest Catch” persona. 


February 06, 2016

Julieanne finds another gear

Breakfast is the same thing, every day: denuded feldspar. I soak it overnight in Mexican creek foam to create a pudding, which I suck from a vinegar-soaked sponge. It’s truly hands free, which lets me simultaneously do my sun grunts and marinate my anus in squeezed orange pith.


Django and the gang


February 05, 2016



Please let this happen

Moderator:  Will you release transcripts of the speeches you gave at Goldman Sachs?

Clinton:  We're looking into that, we said we'd look into that.

Sanders:  Oh, I have them.

Clinton:  What?!

Sanders:  But of course it would be wrong to read from them without my opponent's permission.

Crowd:  Read them!  Read them!

Sanders:  Have patience, gentle friends, I must not read them;
  It is not meet you know how Clinton spoke at Goldman.
  You are not wood, you are not stones, but men;
  And, being men, bearing her words to Goldman,
  It will inflame you, it will make you mad:
  'Tis good you know not what she has said;
  For, if you should, O, what would come of it!

Clinton:  You monster.

Sanders:  I actually don't have the speeches.  Why don't you release them?

February 03, 2016

Bob moves on

New York Times obit is here.



Durant to. become a Warrior?

Even now, Durant represents something of the Warriors’ private bravado.
Think we’re unbeatable now?
Just wait.


February 02, 2016

Them Baptists got me in a Bible mood

Then Mary said: My soul exalts the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my savior, because he cast down his eyes to the low estate of his slave girl. Behold, after now all the generations will bless me; because the mighty one has done great things for me, and his name is holy; and his mercy is for generations and generations, for those who fear him. He has taken power into his arm, and scattered the proud in the imagination of their hearts. He has pulled down the dynasts from their thrones, and raised up the humble; he has filled the hungry with good things, and sent the rich away empty. 

- Luke 1:45-55, Lattimore translation

Don't be so naive, Scully

Let the games begin


Worthwhile hashtag


February 01, 2016

A few brief comments on the Iowa caucuses

I was visiting with some Baptists in West Texas last week.  They want a good Christian man in the White House, not some New York bullshit artist.  They will come out in the rain to vote against Trump everywhere. 

You're not fooling anyone.

So...go independent?  Sure, but independents hate his guts.

Hopefully this is where Ezra Klein gets to do his victory dance.


January 31, 2016


I am going with "brilliant, but unsound."


I think Richard Nixon has the right take here

Run Kasich, or the know-nothings — Palin, Kim Davis, Bundy, every son of a bitch who’d take this country back to the Articles of Confederation, or worse — will finally get the keys to the liquor cabinet.


January 30, 2016


That's one way to do it...

What great sportswriting looks like

Tufte gives this an A+.  He's not wrong.


January 29, 2016

Here is my Buddy Cianci story

I heard Buddy Cianci interviewed on the radio during his first term.  "What is the population of Providence?" the interviewer asked.  Cianci replied:  "For Federal grant-making purposes?  25 million."

He also once said:  “The toe you stepped on yesterday may be connected to the ass you have to kiss today.”


January 28, 2016

January 27, 2016

This is nuts... 42-4

Nemesis update: Spurs go all Kylo Ren on the Rockets

Aldridge was the leading scorer with 25 points, after the Warriors held him to five.  He has closed his Twitter account and, his cheeks hot with rage, indignation, and humiliation, has sworn revenge against all who wronged him, probably.

A little Wodehouse for a dreary January*

"Did you ever hear of a Captain Walkinshaw?"


"Captain J.G. Walkinshaw? Dark man with an eyeglass. Used to play the saxophone."


"Ah, I thought you might have met him. He trifled with the affections of my niece, Hester. I horsewhipped him on the steps of the Drones Club.  Is the name Blenkinsop-Bustard familiar to you?"


"Rupert Blenkinsop-Bustard trifled with the affections of my niece Gertrude. He was one of the Somersetshire Blenkinsop-Bustards. Wore a fair moustache and kept pigeons. I horsewhipped him on the steps of the Junior Bird-Fanciers. By the way, Mr. Mulliner, what is your club?"

"The United Jade-Collectors," quavered Osbert.

"Has it steps?"

"I – I believe so."

"Good. Good."  A dreamy look came into the General's eyes.

- From The Ordeal of Osbert Mulliner 

* According to Google, this is the first time the word 'horsewhipped' has appeared on Eisengeiste.  Late as the hour might be, I am at least relieved to have corrected this regrettable omission. 

Back on the line

It’s not entirely the case that the Warriors don’t have a true rival, it’s just that the team they’re playing against hasn’t existed for nearly 20 years. With their Monday night win, the Warriors improved their record to 41-4, tying the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls for the best start in NBA history. At this point of the season, 72-10 seems like a very possible goal. 


From Business Insider:

January 25, 2016


January 23, 2016

Let us begin

  • Warriors lead NBA in points per game.
  • Spurs allow fewest points per game.
  • Spurs lead NBA in margin of victory.
  • Warriors are second.
The teams are a combined 78-10 this season.  "There has never been a game with teams this good (Warriors 40-4; Spurs 38-6) playing this late in an NBA season."  - Matt Steinmetz
Monday night, Oracle Arena.

Scary story

We need a posthumous Pulitzer here

Stopped reading there

The other minor software-related problem with the Compute Stick as it’s being shipped is that Intel didn’t get the Windows 10 November Update included in the default software load. This has happened with several OEM systems that we’ve received lately, and it’s just going to be a reality of life with Windows 10. Right out of the box, you might be facing a big download and lengthy install process to upgrade to the latest revision of the OS.


January 22, 2016