November 25, 2003


My view has shifted from mildly positive to virtually worshipful today as I read up on this guy. Here's a choice quote:

"Lookit. I'm playing the king of England. A technical actor will say, 'This is how the king walks, this is how he talks, this is how he's different from me, la-da-di, la-da-doo.' I think it's jive. Limited. You'll see through it. The real answer is: There is no difference between me and the king. I got the role. I am the king. It's a trick. Magic. A parlor game. Give me a costume, put me on a set, on a throne. How does the king talk? He talks like me. The king is me. It's good to be king. The end.''

So William H. Macy, Jerry Lundegaard is you?


And you're Donnie Smith?

"Totally. 'Cause I got the role.'' A wan grin. "Donnie Smith is black marks on a page. The question for an actor is, what can I do that's real?"


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