August 27, 2011

Ice Road Blimpers

Arctic to be alive with blimps. 

The blimps are from Hybrid Air Vehicles, which I believe has at least built a giant hangar in Germany. The unbuilt blimps look cool. I am all for blimps. I am a blimpophile.

Does it stand a chance?  I'm going to say possibly yes - low impact, high capacity shipping across the summer arctic is actually a perfect use for blimps, and because it's oil there's a lot of money involved.

The lazily photoshopped images are slightly hilarious, especially the US Customs Surf-Blimp 9000. 

As someone who is about to ship large paintings to San Fransisco, and noting the costs of vans, movers and such, I can't tell how much I would appreciate daily Blimp service.


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