August 02, 2011

List of Areas in Which Your Being A Republican Will Likely Preclude Our Mutually Beneficial Association

1. Business Dealings
2. Education 
3. Government Areas
4. Parking
5. Personal Romantic Relationships
6. Idea or Book Areas
7. The Money Zone
8. Facts
9. Jobs and Consuming
10. The Hilltop
11. Loading
12. God Belief Areas
13. Art, such as paintings, poetry, and greeting cards
14. World Internet Webconnect
15. Highways or other paths into the Danger Zone
16. Science Dealings
17. Aircraft Maintenance
18. Music, radio, and those sorts of noises
19. Can I borrow your cell phone?
20. The Circle of Life


Blogger The Other Front said...

Well, here's the creepiest Republican thing I read yesterday:

"He didn't say much, he didn't do much, he didn't take part in our activities at all," [Norwegian anti-immigration party leader] Jensen told AP in her wood-paneled office decorated with an American flag -- a gift from Republicans Abroad -- and a tiny bust of President Ronald Reagan. "So we could not foresee any of this."


August 3, 2011 at 8:41 AM  

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