August 13, 2011

Notes on Clive

  • 29 September, 1725 - Born
  • 1744 - Sent to India as clerk for East India Company, paid £5 per year plus £3 for expenses.
  • 1751 - Leads successful defense of Arcot, accumulates enormous wealth.
  • 1753 - Returns to England, marries.
  • 1755 - Returns to India to act as governor of Fort St. David, loses £33,000 when one of his ships is wrecked.
  • 1757 - Recaptures Calcutta, wins Battle of Plassey, presented with four tortoises from the Seychelles. William Pitt calls him the "heaven-born general" in Parliament.
  • 1760 - Ill health, returns to England with a fortune of £300,000.
  • 1761-64 - Awarded an Irish peerage and made Baron Clive of Plassey Co Clare, dedicates himself to reform of the governance of the East India Company.
  • 1765 - Returns to India as Governor and Commander-in-Chief, suppresses Sepoy mutiny. Learns he has inherited £70,000 from Mir Jafar. Has family picture painted.
  • 1766 - Secures personal title to the state of Bengal from the Mughal Emporer of India, becomes sovereign ruler of 30 million people.
  • 1767 - Returns to England.
  • 1769 - Builds Claremont, hires Capability Ground to do the landscape work.
  • 1772 - Called before Parliament to answer charges of corruption, he says: "By God... I stand astonished at my own opulent city lay at my mercy; its richest bankers bid against each other for my smiles : I walked through vaults which were thrown open to me alone, piled on either hand with gold and jewels!" Corruption charges eventually dismissed.
  • 1774 - Addicted to opium and in constant pain, kills self with pen knife, aged 49.
  • ?? - Statue erected in Whitehall. Inscription: "Credited with securing India."
  • 1935 - Movie Clive of India, Don Ameche's first movie role.
  • 1939 - Positive review of book Clive of Plassey in Time magazine.
  • 2006 - Last tortoise dies.


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