October 24, 2011

Stewart Lee on Top Gear


Blogger The Other Front said...


I don't mind the show, but it drives my British friends to distraction. They cannot understand why it's the most popular show in the world.

I think the answer is that it is perfectly tuned to violent, stupid, bigoted, hyperbolic male adolescent brain. It's a form of escapism for the British public, who are trapped in the biggest small town in the world, and desperately wish they could be Americans without having to do any of the things we do to be Americans (fight, have passable roadways, be free, etc.).

Somewhere I have a draft of an appreciation of James May I wrote in the UK, then shelved because of ambivalence about the mean-spirited humor of the show. Last time I checked it had turned into a rant on The Arrogance That Lost the Empire. I'll see if I can resuscitate it.

October 24, 2011 at 5:31 PM  

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