November 06, 2011

Well that's interesting

This new fellow, this Tim Tebow, seems to have a bit of potential.

To go from this to this so quickly...well, that's just character, is what that is.  Pure and simple.

Oh, Elway was at Stanford this week, probably scouting linebackers or something.  Serves you right Elway, you crapsack executive watchamacallit.  You are now Max Bialystock and the Denver Broncos are The Producers of the NFL.

I hope the wildly popular Tim Tebow salvages the season and leads the Broncos to within a hair's breadth of a playoff spot, but perhaps just falling short.  In this way Denver can neither reap the glory of ultimate victory, nor the dark fruits of defeat.  And I hope that happens every year, for ever and ever.


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