January 31, 2012

Cats and dogs living together, etc.

I was down in LA last week and flipped on the radio.  They were talking about the Lakers - in troubled, fearful tones.  Something's wrong, the team is struggling, and this violates the natural order of the universe.  For most of the past half century, the Lakers have been one of the two or three best teams in basketball.  Now, under a new coach and trying to learn a new offense, the team is not performing as well.
Radio Guy #1:  Kobe's turnovers are up a bit this year.
Radio Guy #2:  Well, they say his injury's worse than people say.  They say he can't feel his hand.
Radio Guy #1:  Too bad his teammates can't get their own food.
Good point there.  Despite the injury Bryant has been able to lead the team in points and assists.  And the Laker's aren't bad - they're 12-9 after all, and in second place in the division.

But there is anxiety -even fear in their voices.  It is about the unearthly...unreal...unnatural witch's sabbath occurring across town, where the perennial laughingstock of the NBA, the Los Angeles Clippers, have fulfilled the prophecy of Blake Griffin and transformed Staples Center into Lob City.  They started the season by beating the Lakers.  And they are first in the division.

The Clippers have three of the ten plays on Monday's highlight reel, including, at #1, Griffin's candidate for Dunk of the Year.

Fears for the natural order receded a little bit when the Lakers defeated the Clippers last Wednesday.  But the genie is out of the bottle.  There is a spectre haunting Los Angeles.  The iceman cometh.  A terrible beauty is born.


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