March 27, 2012

When You Put Taco Bell Hot Sauce in Ramen It Tastes Just Like Poverty

Sentences like this in that one article in the New York Times on ludicrously expensive private schools for toddlers (that one they write only once a year of course, because more than that would be excessive, ostentatious, and a warped sense of journalistic priorities)....

If the Occupy Wall Street movement focused attention on the perceived excesses of the 1 percent, private schools are leaning on the wealth of their own 5 percent to try to win a bigger piece of their philanthropic pie (the back-of-the-envelope assumption is that families with more than $5 million in assets often give away up to $500,000 annually). 

..are rather moving my politics away from "engaging respectfully in the democratic process," and more towards "SEIZE THEM!"

Because the above is such a great comparison, and those excesses are so "perceived, " particular when the same issue points out that 93% of new income in America in 2010 went to people making 350K a year or so, or you know, more. 

Quote of the week goes to whoever wrote the title of this post.


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