May 24, 2012

Cheese ascending

I've followed the work of John Cheese for some time, partly out of personal interest after this incredible essay and partly because I had a strong sense he was going to up his game.  Here we can see the transformation well underway, his lungs filling with oxygen, his eyes clearing (poor Gwyneth Paltrow)...

Where a celebrity says or implies that people who work that hard need to slow down and enjoy the small things because they're missing out on life. They can't imagine a world where people work themselves into exhaustion because they have to -- not because they want to. They don't live in a world where someone can show up and take your fucking car because you couldn't make the payments. Where one missed rent check plus one intolerant landlord equals instant homelessness.


Blogger Laird of Madrona said...

"what-should-be-obvious science aside"

I gotta start using that.

May 24, 2012 at 5:12 PM  

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