May 28, 2012

Well there's your problem

Hey!  I just noticed that the Republicans keep comparing America to Rome and Germany.  I think that's their problem, because we're not a militaristic dictatorship intent on world domination.  We're the United States of America, a country with an elected government that offers universal suffrage, basic rights to all and a judicial system largely based on English common law.

But that's the problem - Republicans hate that.  They really want this to be the Empire of America, and given their love affair with historical determinism they've decided that once we've stabbed Julius Caesar (or was that JFK?) the Imperium can progress in accordance with Hegelian determinism, to its thousand years of glory.

WTF is it with you guys?  Hegel, Nietszche, Cato, about trying be to Americans for a change?


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