July 08, 2012

Republicans behaving badly

Posner now views Republicans as"goofy":  

“I mean, what would you do if you were Roberts?  All the sudden you find out that the people you thought were your friends have turned against you, they despise you, they mistreat you, they leak to the press. What do you do? Do you become more conservative? Or do you say, ‘What am I doing with this crowd of lunatics?’ Right? Maybe you have to re-examine your position.”


Huntsman not bothering to go to convention:  

"I encourage a return to the party we have been in the past, from Lincoln right on through to Reagan, that was always willing to put our country before politics."


Reminded me of this staff defection late last year:  wrecking the country to save it.  It's 'bombing for peace' all over again.


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