November 01, 2012

His name is...oh, nevermind

Well, all-in-all a disappointing year for Matt Cain.  I'm not sure the perfect game and victories in the post-season can wash away the pain of spoiling his perfect 0.00 playoff ERA, but I'm know he'll find small consolations where he may.

To recap, Mr. Cain has now started eight playoff games and allowed 13 runs, for an earned-run-average of 2.1.  The numbers are marred somewhat by relatively poor performance in the Divisional series - his ERA in those games is a stratospheric 3.1.  Performance in League Championships and World Series is notably better, 1.4 and 1.8, so it may behoove the Giants to save him for those more strategic situations.

Playoff WHIP of 1.05, Strikeout/Walk ratio of 2.4...pretty standard really.

It is a sad commentary, perhaps a reflection on his character, that Cain has won only four of those games and lost two.  Perhaps is the pressure of the name - what Giants fan doesn't associate 'Matty' with The Christian Gentleman?  Perhaps it is pressure he puts on himself, knowing that he still has not matched his eponymous predecessor's post-season win level?

Our advice to the perennial underachiever:  relax, play with pep and ginger, and good things will happen.  Someday ESPN or Sport Illustrated might even write an article about you.


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