February 01, 2013

Buster and Harry

Ebert rates Keaton ahead of Chaplin, and maybe everyone else, too.  I'd have trouble arguing.  Here is Keaton in 1928, at Yankee Stadium:


Thanks to Youtube, there's a wealth of silent material available to anyone who appreciates this kind of genius.  Just the other night we saw a Harold Lloyd comedy I'd never watched before, From Hand to Mouth.  It's very good, very enjoyable, and then, at 17:40, it goes, brilliantly, to 11:

Nice Tumblr here.

Just thinking how funny it would be to try and find a pretext to use those last few minutes of gratuitous cop abuse as part of a university lecture in China:  "American management techniques are sometimes unorthodox, as demonstrated here..."

Who knows, maybe it would give them some ideas.


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