April 29, 2013

Dawn breaks over Marblehead

So how can we move toward a society in which educational success is not so strongly linked to family background? Maybe we should take a lesson from the rich and invest much more heavily as a society in our children’s educational opportunities from the day they are born. Investments in early-childhood education pay very high societal dividends. That means investing in developing high-quality child care and preschool that is available to poor and middle-class children. It also means recruiting and training a cadre of skilled preschool teachers and child care providers. These are not new ideas, but we have to stop talking about how expensive and difficult they are to implement and just get on with it.



Blogger First Sea Lord said...

I almost posted this one myself.

It begs the economic/political questions. An American aspirational aristocracy is going to keep clutching bags of capital and political power- at the expense of opportunity for everyone else, to the weakening of the nation- not to mention degradation of the earth- until stopped, wheedled, begged, arrested, incentivized, inconvenienced, distracted or seduced elsewhere. It took things on a massive scale- the Depression, WWII, the voice of Dr. King, and King of the Mountain with the Ruskies, to remind everyone that there were higher values, over the last 100 years- that was finally enough to effect substantial change, and not without huge cost.

Which of these, or which combination, is really the only question, and there are no points for merely being right.

April 29, 2013 at 5:43 PM  

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