May 11, 2013

How do I say this politely, Melanie...?

We have more free time than ever before, but why do feel like we never have enough? Melanie Rudd explains...


Well, for one thing, enforced idleness, combined with poverty and no reasonable hope for the future, is bound to negatively affect your mood...

 photo LTE_zps8cd650cd.png
Those who are employed typically have little true leisure because men and women both work, and so "free" time is often dedicated to catching up on household chores, childcare, etc.  Even with two people working, most families still have trouble making ends meet because incomes are falling:

You know what these people are doing in their leisure time?  Working the third job.  Playing the lottery.  Begging.  That's why they feel busy, helpless, stressed.  Watching a nice sunset is not going to change these basic realities in their lives, however affecting it might be.

So, please, shut up about all the free time Americans have and how sad it is that they don't properly appreciate it.  Your argument is an ignorant disgrace.


Blogger Corresponding Secretary General said...

A relative: pulled over while driving, expired registration ($), car impounded ($), has to borrow wheels to get to work ($), has to borrow money to get car out of impound ($) has to swallow pride to ask for help, might need a little time to experience awe at the sunset.

May 13, 2013 at 5:45 PM  

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