September 30, 2013

Random sports musings

From the wild world of modern sport, our correspondent reflects:

  • It takes a special man to pull the coach off the bus to fire him, Pat Haden.  In this case, however, well done.  
    • No word on whether Kiffin's epaulettes were stripped from his shoulders and his sword broken, but we can dream.
    • Kiffin, not yet 40, has now completely wrecked three programs.  Looking forward to his next engagement.  One more stop before reality TV, I reckon.
  • Rod Brooks knows how to fix the moribund NBA slam dunk contest.  "Put a million dollars and a Bentley at mid-court...guys'll show up, I guarantee it."  
    • You are correct, sir.  
    • NBA are fools for not doing this immediately.
  • Gareth who?  Tottenham #2 in the Prem League. But they, Chelsea, Man City, all looking up at The Colossus...Arsenal.  
    • Huh?
  • Just not the same, looking at the bottom of the standings and missing the Wolves.  
    • Double relegation's a hard thing.  
    • Fans deserve better.
  • The Giants scored 719 runs in 2012, and gave up 649.  In 2013, it was 629 and 691.  Complex issue, but my read is Brian Sabean needs to work out how to make the team hit and pitch better, so they can win more.
  • Good to see Tiger Woods back on top.  
    • Ignore the haters, Tiger, you need to focus on you.
  • Lifelong archenemy Kareem gives advice to young men.  
    • It's pretty good, actually.  
  • Kareem refutes outright the idea that it's what you do on the court that counts.  After years of reflection in a monastery Bill Simmons rates him #3, behind Russell and Jordan, ahead of Bird, Magic, everyone else.  Where else are you going to put him?  Show me Magic and Oscar's numbers when the most automatic two points in the history of basketball isn't on the floor with them.  Defense and effort were underrated, as Kareem has mentioned.
  • Shut up Brian Wilson.  You're a Dodger, you have no standing in this court.
  • Thanks for the fantasy points, Joe Flacco, but seriously, WTF?  
    • And that's the guy who gets the ring and the big contract.  
    • Why not you, Alex Smith?  Why not you?


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