October 30, 2013


This is a mere excerpt:

But all of a sudden some fucking "task force" says that 100-hour weeks are somehow bad for morale? First the NFL outlaws leading with the head, and now junior fucking bankers at Goldman Fucking Sachs can't come to work Thursday morning and work straight through to Monday any more, because, wah wah wah, it's too hard, and they might run off and get a job at some bitch ass PE firm in fucking Connecticut, or even at that limp-wristed den of beanbag chairs, Google? Excuse us, you delicate little flowers, does being a small cog in a large machine that rules the fucking global economy not indulge your creative side enough? Do 25 year-old junior bankers at Goldman Fucking Sachs need to stay home and bake fucking cookies on Sundays? Are they going to fucking church? What world is this?



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