November 26, 2013

Thomas Lake's "Book of Tebow"

What you remember from the following Thursday night is Tebow’s 20-yard run for the winning touchdown. What you forget is the rest of the game, which was a lot like the rest of the season, which was a lot like watching a drowning man pulled from deep water by the hand of God. It was riveting. America is still a Christian nation, and the story of Tim Tebow in 2011 looked a lot like the Christian story of humankind. Which says you fail and you fail and you flail and you flail, and all along God is giving you more chances.


(btw, if you can find a platform on which this report runs properly, please let SI know so they can break it.  I tried on four different devices before I found a semi-readable version.  Writing's still worth it, IMHO.)


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