January 11, 2014

Saints' Keys to Victory

I am a well-known Saints fan and foot-ball FANatic, so here are my keys to the big game tomorrow.  Now, the Saints will be going into the "Safeco" Dome in Seattle, which is well known for its "homer" crowd.  But, and this is important:  WE CAN DO THIS.  To win the big game the Saints must:

  • GET AN EARLY LEAD.  The Seattle side has plenty of pep and ginger when they they have lead, but how are they when they're down two touchdowns early?  It's time for the Saints to find out.  Drew Brees is just the man to deliver some quick long strikes and shut up that crowd.
  • CONTAIN MARSHAWN LYNCH.  Not that the Saints are likely to have any issue with this.  They have plenty of motivation from the last time they had a playoff game at the Kingdome.  With a crack defense that is back from probation, and a defensive coordinator who can scheme with the best of them, the Saints can and will do what great teams do:  take away the other team's best offensive threat.
Three simple steps to redemption.  See you on the gridiron!


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