May 31, 2014

End-of-week loose ends

  • Time passes, tastes change, we move on, so I'm sure the news that Uma Thurman is single will have no impact on you whatsoever.
  • Thought I'd heard all the good WW2 stories.  I was wrong.
  • I'm gonna say it:  Katy Perry's the best Cleopatra since Taylor, maybe better.  Video here (mute is good idea).  This fellow's interpretation of the song is...innovative.
  • IDEA:  Shrug against the machine.  (FSL's gag - so sue me.)
  • New book says your society goes to hell when the accounting gets sloppy.  So long America, it was fun while it lasted.
  • IDEA:  Kim Kardashian as the new Margaret Dumont.  Don't pretend you wouldn't pay to see that.
  • IDEA:  Your new Batman:  Gilbert Gottfried.  Catwoman:  Fran Drescher
  • Still running my iPod.  Well-designed. An elegant instrument for a more civilized age, much better than the elaborate crap they make today.  My lawn: get off it.
  • Apart from Thievery Corporation, I really don't care for noise.  This is not ideal because in a truly quiet room your heartbeat gradually drives you insane.  So I'm working to manage that.
  • This is ok (speakers needed).


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