June 12, 2014

Rumpus at Point MacKenzie

While cutting the trees, the Coast Guard was confronted by a "local resident," wrote Stanley Fields, judge advocate with the Coast Guard. Thoerner said that resident was his aunt, and she challenged their right to be on the property.

"The situation escalated, and at least one local resident arrived with a firearm," Fields wrote. The Alaska State Troopers later arrived on scene but failed to remedy the dispute. Fields says due to the "tense" situation, the Coast Guard postponed its plans to rebuild the light.


[Editorial comment:  When did Alaska get so civilized and fancy-pants that we now need to append "with a firearm" to the words "one local resident arrived"?  In my day everyone over the age of six had a .30-06 and single action Navy revolver to fight off wolverines on the way to the grocery.  Most ladies kept a Walther PPK in their handbag to help keep order in town.  That's just how things were, we didn't make a big deal of it.]


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