August 12, 2014

Let me set the record straight: I Am The Greatest

The Eisengeiste Fantasy Football League enters its 8th season the fall. As the reigning champion, I've had to put up with some pretty outrageous trash talk from a certain someone who will go unnamed but I'll have you know he didn't even make the consolation round last season.

If we awarded diamond-encrusted championship rings, I'd be cordially inviting him to kiss one of mine.

Instead, I will set the record straight.

Greatest Eisengeiste Franchise of All Time

Laird of Madrona

Championships: 2 (2009, 2013)
Eisen-Bowl appearances: 4
Championship round appearances: 6
Worst finish: 6th place (2012)

Second-Best Eisengeiste Franchise

Sum of All Monkeys

Championships: 2 (2007, 2010)
Eisen-Bowl appearances: 2
Championship round appearances: 5
Worst finish: 7th place (2011)

Third Place

Viceroy De Los Osos

Championships: 1 (2012)
Eisen-Bowl appearances: 3
Championship round appearances: 4
Worst finish: 9th place (2013, 2011)