September 10, 2014

Enough already

I have no objection to sending our military to fight our enemies as required. However...

It is not the 'Homeland'.  It is, was, and always has been The United States of America.

On the same theme:
  • They are not 'assets', 'boots on the ground', or 'heroes'.  They are soldiers.
  • It is not 'blood and treasure'.  It is human lives and money.  Human lives are more important, by the way.
  • The soldiers of the United States of America are not 'degrading' enemy 'capability'.  They are killing enemy soldiers. 
  • It is not a 'mission', it is war.
Anyway, big party in Hell tonight, I'm sure.


Blogger Laird of Madrona said...

Also, it's not a 'Defense budget.' It's a power-projection budget.

September 10, 2014 at 8:07 PM  

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