September 27, 2014

Treadmill to oblivion

It's a storied Bay Area baseball franchise.  Now, late in the season they are 87-74, 2nd in their division after a desultory stretch run in which they went 4-6.  They could win 90 games this year, which will be a great outcome, but no matter how they finish, they will end the season looking up at that hated rival from Los Angeles.

What's weird is that this describes both the Giants and the A's today.

Only major difference is that the Giants have clinched a Wild Card spot, while the As are still scuffling (though they probably will make it, too.)

Many interesting scenarios could play out.  According to this not-dodgy-at-all website, Vegas thinks the A's still have a better chance (10-1) of winning the World Series than the Giants (12-1).


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