November 28, 2014

On behalf of Jay Cutler, shut up

Because he is surly and has poor body language, let me say for Jay Cutler what he cannot say for himself:  shut up.  I heard a bit of the Bears game yesterday on the radio.  The announcer bitched repeatedly about Jay Cutler's body language while the Bears defense was giving up 24 points in the first half.  

Full disclosure:  I have not met Jay Cutler.  Nevertheless, I can say one thing with absolute certainty:  he is the best quarterback the Chicago Bears have had in half a century.

(Yes, better than Brian Griese.)

I ran a list of the top 25 Chicago Bears quarterbacks by passes attempted.  A summary of the findings:

  • It's  really a shame to cut the list at 25 because we omit Brian Griese, Chris Chandler, Caleb Hanie, Kent Nix, and Bronco Nagurski, among others.
  • Cutler has only been there five years, but has already played more games (79) than any Bear except Sid Luckman (128), George Blanda (103), and Jim Harbaugh (89).
  • Thanks to playing in the modern era, Cutler nevertheless leads the list in attempts with 2,538.  Sid Luckman is second, with 1,744, and Jim Harbaugh third with 1,759.  Dave Krieg brings up the rear with 377.
  • Cutler's passer rating of 84.6 is the highest of any of the 25 quarterbacks.
  • Cutler's TD/INT ratio is highest on the list (tied with Erik Kramer).
  • Cutler's IAYPA of 5.3 is third on the list behind Jim McMahon (5.6) and Kramer (5.4), which is probably because he has bad body language.
So, Chicago, your Jay Cutler is an average NFL quarterback - something you haven't seen much of over the past five decades.  He is a professional foot-ball player.  He is not the Bears' problem.  There are 70 things they need to fix before they need to worry about the quarterback position.

So shut up.  You are ungrateful:  you do not remember or appreciate true champions, and so the universe punishes you.  

Jay Cutler is exactly what you deserve.


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