January 31, 2015

Push poll blues

It's been quite a while since I've been selected to respond to a serious-looking push poll from the dodgy weasels at Congressional Monitor.  It's been even longer since I actually responded, in fact, I have never responded to one...except here.  But it's interesting, and to me a bit sad, that these minions of the plutocrats lead on well-meaning fellow citizens with this stuff.  Let's see what they're up to (the inconsistent capitalization and punctuation of the original are faithfully preserved here).


1.  Which of the four items below do you feel is the most important issue for Congress to act on at this time?

(A) Deficit reduction
(B) Veterans' Healthcare
(C) Economic Recovery
(D) Securing our National Borders, Immigration Reform
Ah, well, hmm.  We're already off to a bad start.  The most important issue for Congress to act on at this time is the institutional brutality of our society toward its weakest members.  The awful combination of bad healthcare for the non-rich, shoot-first law enforcement, shameful and even hateful treatment of the mentally ill, lack of proper resources for drug treatment, and inadequate affordable housing makes the U.S. one of the least compassionate rich societies of modern times.   
But if I had to single out one issue, I would say Congress should take up the problem of equality of education.  I grew up in a country where a decent public school student could earn a place at a good university and have good prospects for their career.  Those days are long gone, and Congress is making the problem worse 
Krugman: "What has been cut? It’s a complex picture, but the most obvious cuts have been in education, infrastructure, research, and conservation. While the Recovery Act (the Obama stimulus) was in effect, the federal government provided significant aid to state and local education. Then the aid went away, and local governments began letting go of hundreds of thousands of teachers."

2.  Are you in favor of raising the eligibility age for Medicare?
(A) Yes
(B) No
(C) Undecided
No, I would prefer if you reduced it to zero.

3.  How pleased are you with the present course of the current administration?
(A) Very Satisfied
(B) Satisfied
(C) Dissatisfied
(D) Very Dissatisfied
I could not be more pleased with our President's management of the challenges presented by you meretricious and avaricious jackals.

4.  What is the best solution for reducing the national deficit?
(A)  Cut discretionary spending
(B)  Reduce Farm subsidies
(C)  Reduce Defense Spending
(D)  Enact the recommendations of the Bowles-Simpson Plan.
The best strategy would be to grow the economy such that the national debt shrinks in proportion to our ability to repay it, while avoiding policies likely to tip the economy back into recession.   This strategy would require that you abandon your German theory that the patient will breathe better if you strangle him.  There are a lot of German theories you should give up on, but that one should be a priority.

5.  What is the best course for immigration reform?
(A)  Add the National Guard to supplement Border Patrol efforts.
(B)  Return unaccompanied minors to their home countries.
(C)  Legislate that the FAA allow drones to monitor the border.
(D)  All of the above.
I would say (D).  Let's have the National Guard use drones to return unaccompanied minors to their home countries.

6.  In light of the recent televised gun violence do you think Congress should:
(A)  Increase mental health care and treatment of mental illness
(B)  Ban high capacity magazines
(C)  Let the states and communities decide what action is best
(D)  Do nothing
In all seriousness, (A) would do a lot of good.  Why does it never happen?

7.  Do you agree with the Administration's request for housing expenses for illegal underage immigrants?
(A)  Agree
(B)  Disagree
(C)  Undecided
You guys are scum.

8.  Do you feel Congress should continue efforts to make changes to the 2nd Amendment?
(A)  Yes
(B)  No
(C)  Undecided
Don't bother me with this stuff, just have Scalia put something together for you.

9.  Do you favor tax incentives for small oil and gas companies to expand domestic drilling?
(A)  Yes
(B)  No
(C)  Undecided
No, with Chevron committing 105% of operating cash flows to capex over the past four quarters, and other major operators making similar commitments, I think oil and gas industry capacity is a solved problem.  People of goodwill can disagree, but I view the 60% fall in the price of oil since June as a possible sign that the market may have more gas and oil than it actually wants.

10.  Do you think Congress should adopt a National Energy Policy?
(A)  Yes
(B)  No
(C)  Undecided
If this were 1979 I'd say yes, but at this point I think you'd better get to work on how you're going to run Saudi Arabia, because that problem is not going to take care of itself.

Oh, and my phone number?  Just get it from the NSA, you fuckwits, what are you paying them for?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this push poll with your comments. I got one of these yesterday - same immigration push and gun push instead of energy. [ insidious phrasing there "televised gun violence" - as if those deaths were not real - just a TV event ]

Question: is this a dual benefit business model for these guys? some right wing people pay them to try to affect public opinion with push polling using logical fallacies and other deceptive crap but the real money they make is from identifying right wing folks and selling their names to politicians and organizations looking for support? or maybe the main $ is from the identification of weak minded folks that do not recognize they are being sold to the NRA or the new KKK or what have you?

Sorry to obsess...but how did they get my name and hone address? Do they target upscale residential areas? No poll for my wife - are they not looking for women? I am in CA - if they find a weak minded CA right winger that does not sniff out their business plan to sell his name to solicitors - is that name worth more from some index they derive from the answers to the poll? (are the names, addresses and phone numbers of extreme nut jobs with weak analytical skills worth more $ to the Congressional Monitor?).

This is elaborate evil deception at work here if their business model is how I suspect.

I can not help thinking of how these people tell their children what they do for a living. Do they grab hard ahold of the end justify the means argument? or do they honestly tell the kids that they deceptively troll for right wing folks so they can sell their names? Sorry to post anonymously and limit your ability to reply just to me - but it seems best...

February 24, 2015 at 8:33 AM  
Blogger The Other Front said...

I talked with a friend who worked as a (Dem) fundraiser. He said these are just straight up fundraising for both sides.

This one was weird, because no envelope for money came with it...

I think there may be a little language testing here. If they send me one with a question phrased one way, and you one with different phrasing, they can see what resonates better - "underaged illegal immigrants" or "foreign juveniles". Message optimization, perhaps.

February 25, 2015 at 3:53 PM  

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