January 04, 2015

Qianlong and all that

Rough and incomplete sketch of Chinese dynasties since the year 960, when the Song era began.  As every schoolchild knows, this roughly coincides with the accession of Edgar the Peaceful to the throne of England, although it very slightly predates his murder of Æthelwald.

  • Song Dynasty (Han Chinese):  960-1279
  • Yuan Dynasty (Mongol):  1279-1368
  • Ming Dynasty (Han Chinese):  1368-1644
  • Qing Dynasty (Manchu):  1644-1911

The Qianlong Emperor is Manchu, and reigns from 1735 to 1799.  A few details:
  • Here is his jade bi, as discussed in A History of the World in 100 Objects.
  • He is the patron of the talented Jesuit painter Giuseppe Castiglione, who apparently made a lifetime commitment to working in China (died in Beijing at the age of 77).
  • Castiglione's portrait of the Emperor is here.


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