May 16, 2015

Doing fine

I was down Texas way this week, and glad to hear Reverend Pearson is back in the saddle.
The trailblazing minister, who was mentored by Oral Roberts and became an adviser to presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, lost nearly everything after 2000 when he said he had an epiphany: There is no such thing as eternal damnation. He even told The Dallas Morning News that the devil himself could be saved. 
Pearson was declared a heretic by fellow Pentecostal ministers and membership at his Higher Dimensions Family Church in Tulsa plummeted, as did cash offerings. He lost his homes and other possessions. 
“I was at the top of my game,” Pearson said Sunday during a sermon at the Cathedral of Hope United Church of Christ in Dallas. “My logic about God changed. I stopped believing in a God with an anger management problem.” 
Thus his Gospel of Inclusion was developed, and Pearson now preaches about discovering one’s self and making spiritually correct and moral decisions.
And he’s almost as popular as ever.
He was profiled, brilliantly, in This American Life back in 2005.



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Thanks, I'm going to listen to this.

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