August 15, 2015

I think this could work

I see Biden as having four main weaknesses, all of which could be addressed with one simple move:

  • One disadvantage, of course, would be his white maleness in a party that strives to be inclusive.  As I learned at a management diversity seminar this week (no really) pictures of Joe Biden (well, old white men in general) on the office walls can contribute to a hostile work environment.  (Star Trek posters are also viewed as gender-insensitive, btw.)  
  • Another would be his lack of actual executive experience.  Unlike Donald Trump, or Carly Florina, or Scott Walker, Joe Biden has - after 36 years in the Senate and seven years as Vice President - never been fully in charge of anything.  
  • This lack of experience has shown up in his prior campaigns - Biden needs good advice, good partners in running and winning a national campaign, ideally someone who has grass roots organizing abilities.
  • On top these, his age.  At 72 but in good health, he would still need to select his running mate carefully to reassure the public that, in the event of his untimely demise, the nation would be in good hands.
Biden will have to select his running mate carefully:  Ideally a younger person of color, someone with good management skills, someone who could no-questions-asked be seen as presidential material.  I can think of one promising young man, just 54 years old, who could have real potential as a leader in the Democratic party.

And what a coup, to help install the first black Vice President.  It can't fail.

All set?  Great, let's get started!


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Yes, it might be illegal. But that didn't stop Uber, did it?

August 15, 2015 at 1:53 PM  

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