October 03, 2015

A useful little trick

Well, I am finally getting started on Baldur's Gate, re-skinned and with all the extra character types of the Enhanced Edition.  I know nothing of the campaign ahead, but I have always wanted to play a sorcerer, so I took one of those - and fortuitously chose 'Sleep' as one of the known spells right before two solid chapters of kobolds and gibberlings.

Without much thought ("why not?") I ticked the box for the 'Dragon Disciple' subclass (details here), which reduces the number of spells you can cast each day by one.  This made for a tedious start to the game, but now the quid pro quo:  at 3rd level my character has just received this (1x/day) ability:

This should make those up-close encounters with various bosses a bit more enjoyable.


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