December 29, 2015

Belated holiday message

Texas journalist James M. Russell has one of the best Twitter homepages I've seen.

He directs us to this worthwhile holiday reminiscence from 1986.

Reck (1897-1967) was a legend.  Excerpts from his Oakland Tribune obit (here):
He was a product of an era when newspapers expressed the American conscience and journalism was a brawling art. He began his career as a reporter in 1919 in his native Piqua, Ohio, after an Army tour in World War I that read like an adventure novel. Commissioned before he was 21, he was wounded, left for dead in the field for three days, captured by the Germans, escaped, recaptured and finally released on Christmas morning of 1918... 
The old-timers of United Press remember him for jury-rigging a wireless set out of car batteries during a killer hurricane to become the only voice out of the stricken and isolated city of Miami.


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