March 11, 2016

Yglesias states the unmentionable obvious

Obama hangs over every moment of the 2016 race. It would make a lot more sense for him to directly face his critics on the left (Bernie Sanders) and right (every Republican) rather than do so indirectly through the proxy of Hillary Clinton. If the voters are persuaded to take the country in a different direction, then so be it. But it's strange to have his legacy held partially hostage to controversies over email server management and a 1994 crime bill he had nothing to do with.

The problem, of course, is that a third Obama term would be unconstitutional. The 22nd Amendment, ratified in 1951, prohibits presidents from serving more than two terms. But though it can't be repealed in time for the 2016 election, term limits clearly have to go. We should return to the democratic practice that served our country well for 150 years: Let the parties nominate whom they like, and let the voters choose their favorite.


Let me just add, that I find it bizarre that the greatest president of my lifetime will be succeeded by an abrasive, corrupt, self-absorbed monster, or Donald Trump.  Just doesn't seem right.


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