May 12, 2016

Our resident film expert proposes a shot-for-shot remake of 'Robin Hood' with this cast

Robin - Chris Pratt
- "What a pity her manners don't match her looks."

Marian - Daisy Ridley
- "I am afraid of nothing, least of all you."

Sir Guy - Zachary Quinto
- "Now that you've robbed us and had your fill of insulting us, we wish to leave."

Prince John - Gary Oldman
- "Well, this is what we Normans like - good food, good company, and a beautiful woman to flatter me."

Will Scarlet - Billy Magnussen
- "One of us? He looks like three of us!"

Little John - Hugh Jackman
- "You'll sweat the lard out of that fat carcass of yours before this day is over, my pudgy friend..."

Friar Tuck - Mark Hamill
- "...and I hope some Norman sword whittles you down to size."

Much the Miller’s Son - Martin Freeman
- "Come on, lass! Give us a kiss and wish me luck!"

High Sheriff of Nottingham - Johnny Depp
- "I hope our little golden hook will catch the fish."

Bess (Marian’s attendant)  - Meryl Streep
- "'Urry up and take that ugly face of yours out of 'ere!"

Bishop of Black Canons - Patrick Stewart

Landlord of Kent Road Tavern - Jeff Bridges

King Richard - Chris Pine


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