December 28, 2016

The Morgan 4/4

The subject of a typical minor masterpiece by Peter Egan, the Morgan 4/4 is a graceful automotive legend, lightly burnished by Egan's closing paragraphs:
Barb stared out the cafe window and shook her head. "I really wanted that car when we first saw it," she said. "How could such a neglected, worn-out old car look so good, sitting there on the front lawn?"

"It's a Morgan," I said. "And no one ever throws a Morgan away."
Beard not included

With used copies still vaguely affordable, the Morgan apparently retains its appeal.  The Top Gear site, which should know, says:
Pros - Inexplicably charming, holds its value well
Cons - 'Handmade,' which is code for 'absolutely will break'

And also:
The car that it’s always been about, really. Up there in the top ten of reassuring old English clichés, it’s a gloriously impractical, modestly performing jalopy. Lovely.

And furthermore:
As fine a British institution as cold showers and a caning, and about as comfortable, the Morgan Plus 4 is an antiquated indulgence that you shouldn’t want but absolutely will the second you step aboard.


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