June 16, 2017

Put it on their tombstone

That’s exactly how I looked at the whole series, too: like a pickup game. The type of players that you would play pickup with, like, it felt like they were all on the court. Like you get the big, strong fast bully who just runs to the rim like LeBron James. You get the dude that’s gonna dribble the whole possession and look sweet while doing it in Kyrie Irving. Then you get the big white guy who can rebound and shoot 3s: Kevin Love. It feels like it was a team created at 24 Hour Fitness. That’s how I was looking at it.  

- Kevin Durant



Blogger VMM said...

That was a good interview. Made me like Kevin Durant a lot more. I really liked the part about Kyrie Irving, and the accompanying video.

June 17, 2017 at 10:03 AM  

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