August 19, 2017

All Mission Impossible episodes, ranked

#1 son expressed the view that a Mission Impossible movie might be worth watching.  I told him that although I have never seen one I am sure he is wrong, and that he should instead watch episodes from the original series, most of which I have also never watched.

But it's good.  I know it's really good.

To facilitate the conversation I found this research tool by Christopher East:

Now we're getting somewhere.  His top 12:

  • Operation Rogosh (S1, E3 - pre-Peter Graves)
  • The Heir Apparent (S3, E1)
  • The Cardinal (S3, E6)
  • Submarine (S4, E7)
  • The Carriers (S1, E10 - also no Peter G)
  • The Mind of Stefan Miklos (S3, E13)
  • The Innocent (S5, E3)
  • The Execution (S3, E5)
  • The Exchange (S3, E12)
  • Snowball in Hell (S1, E21 - no PG)
  • The Mercenaries (S3, E4)
  • The Diplomat (S3, E8)
...and then in the thirteenth ("The Memory") they kill someone to discredit a Balkan dictator, and the fourteenth is the original pilot...and I have just learned these are free if you have Amazon Prime (makes popcorn).

Your nominations welcome!



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