August 03, 2017

Well I know who *I'm* rooting for

“You are going to have the [former] FBI director testify, and then the acting director, the chief of staff to the FBI director, the FBI’s general counsel, and then others, one right after another. This has never been the word of Trump against what [James Comey] has had to say. This is more like the Federal Bureau of Investigation versus Donald Trump.”


A very long time ago, before the rot set in, James Cramer wrote something to the effect that no matter how big and powerful you think you are, there is a serious man in a starched shirt in Washington DC, who doesn't make much money, and whose name is not a household word.  And some day that man is going to take you down.


Blogger VMM said...

Word to your mother.

August 4, 2017 at 8:43 AM  

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