February 20, 2004


Here is the first draft of the Kerry smear, courtesy of the Washington Times.

Just caught Kid Podhoretz's rap on TV (info on Daddy here). Key points:
- Liberals like to think they're smart, quote famous authors and stuff. Bush comes from a different tradition, where if you're smart you don't show off.
- Bush is not an extremist, he's actually quite moderate because he got you a Medicare drug benefit and did much to Federalize education.
- Everyone is forgetting we are a nation at war, and Bush is a wartime president.

[I can't help but state the obvious - 1)if you really are at war, it's not something you forget. Otherwise, you're prosecuting a metaphor. And B) I think the real genius of Bush is hiding his intelligence by refusing to pretentiously "understand problems" or "make decisions based on descriptive facts" or "speaking a known human language"-PWP]


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