June 17, 2006

Ode to Sudden Catastrophic Failure of Windows XP

Windows cannot start because the
Following File

Is missing
Or corrupt.


You can attempt to repair the file by
Starting Windows Setup Using The Original
Setup cd-rom. Select r at the
First screen to start repair:


Dell Guy named Mathew: Lies.

He says download drivers. With what? A Nascar stevedore?

Yor're waiting time is 6 minutes. 2minutes pass.
12 Minutes now. 4 minutes later, 19 minutes.

Like a line in Stalingrad
For bread thickened with sawdust.

Desparate I awaken the old computer, old enough to only remember
Before the war, runs, thickened with dust.

Will it support a chat?

Which should mean : a dinner party

To which I shall invite the men from Redmond
And serve them their digital children
In stew.

But they are missing

Or corrupt.