January 01, 2007

What Would You Say?

Dr. X posts this from the Key West offices of Saucer Smear:

"Fark asks, 'when we first make contact with another intelligent race, what should be our first words to them?'

"Early contenders:
  • "We'd take you to our leader, but uh...
  • "Umm.... sorry to have to ask this, but could you figure out a reasonable way to settle the NCAA Division I Football National Championship that actually has a chance of being implimented?
  • "I am an Oil Ministry Official in Nigeria...
  • "You wanna conquer the world, you're going to need lawyers, right?
  • "All of our secrets are stored in the stomachs of our leaders.
  • "Do you believe in God? No? *bonk!* (below a picture of George Carlin)
  • "We can be friends if you help us kick the crap outa the Chinese.
  • "It is customary for visitors to our planet to have an 'agent'.
  • "Can you replicate cash?
"and my favorite so far:
  • "Are you Christian or Muslim?"


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