August 16, 2007

Only Slightly Violent

Dr. X posts this from the conning tower of the Pampanito:

"Ubisoft's impressive-looking new submarine simulation, Silent Hunter: Wolves of the Pacific, is rated 'T-Teen' due to 'mild violence'. Examples of the "mild violence" are here, here, and here.

"This is outrageous, and by outrageous, I mean totally awesome.

"In other news, Ubisoft's next offering, Hiroshima: Nuclear Attack! will be rated 'Y-Young Adult' due to 'moderate violence'. "


Blogger First Sea Lord said...

Honestly, I've been avoiding new video games. Except, I think, for this one.

"It's not that terrible."

"I meant 'terribly violent'."

"Oh Yeah!"

August 17, 2007 at 12:26 PM  

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