October 15, 2009

Hey kids

Your music sucks.

That's the only live performance (from Dutch tv) I can find.

Addenda and Errata:
Dr. X has offered some annotations in italics.
  • Here's the man who wrote the song, with a more laid-back version (flowery shirt at no extra charge)... How did the 80s happen? Now you know.
  • Chris Isaak had a slightly more successful attempt on this material... But keep him away from Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out.
  • The crowd liked Rush's version. I'm confused - it's musically tight and sophisticated, but also sounds like Tenacious D...
  • The Norwegian band The Breed has a take... And doesn't suck - MORE COWBELL!
  • I don't think that's really Springsteen... Plausible deniability.
  • The Raveups play it well, but it's their job, isn't it... Gents, you're too happy to play this song.
  • Perhaps the Johnny Mann Singers' version (here) deserves attention...? Please stop.
  • The Well Blouds have a decent run at it. Full marks. Johnny Mann and his minions could learn from this. Only 75 views? C'mon lads, let's show them the Power of Eisengeiste!
  • The Rockinghams have studied hard and learned well. Perhaps all young men in reform schools around the country should be required to master this material before their release. Still, note the drummer's "Ringo" grip and compare with the drummer in the original performance above. Although pleasing to modern ears, and a legitimate artistic choice, it is possible for the drum part to be a little too heavy on this song. In all other respects this performance is superb.
  • The White Stripes cheated... The octaval jump is a very a slight miscalculation, omitting...or more likely admitting the impossibility of imitating...the seething barely-contained passion so perfectly expressed in the original. The presence of Jeff Beck, however, places this beyond the criticism of mortals.
  • The Yardbirds still play with two members of the original lineup (Dreja/bass, McCarty/drums), and sounds like this... That kid can sing.
  • Roxanne Fontana - whoa. Well, I'm in love.
  • Here is the original recording, on a Stanton needle. If you're going to send music into space, this really is the sort of thing that should be sent.


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