July 17, 2011

You call that a house? Now this is a house.


Paraphrasing from a local history: Heythrop Park is a rich man's house. Blenheim Palace is the gift of a grateful nation.

Like Heythrop, the house is not in mint condition (apparently the maintenance of these places is somewhat costly), and the interior exhibits are not all that impressive. The grounds, however, are positively awe-inspiring. 'Capability' Brown is one of those names that, once heard, is never forgotten - but most people have no idea who he was or what he did. Well, he did this and this and this. Rain or shine (and we had both) it is one of the most beautiful landscapes there is.

There's a little train you can ride on, over to the Maze and back. And snacks, and paintings, and reasonably-priced espresso drinks made with fair trade coffee. Heaven on earth? My finding is: PLAUSIBLE.


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