October 05, 2011

New Feature: Today in Fuckwittery

1. Herman Cain. It's Your Own Fault.

Today on Eisengeiste, we introduce this handy graphic logo as a mark of quality for examples of unambiguous ignorance, maliciousness, bigotry, cruelty, naked prevarication, stupidity, arrogance, bull-headed foolishness, avarice, sociopathy, boot-lickery, and all the many flavors and smells of the fuckwittery for which the word "fuckwittery" had to be invented.

Today it's Herman Cain, with the timeless fuckwitted classic: it's your fault if you're not rich, or if you're jobless. If only the unemployed would just go out and get to work!

2. Tom Friedman. President Obama has once again, like he always does, run back to his far left-wing base, which is why they are so happy with him, and doomed all those prospects for that moderately-moderate centrally centrist centrism which everyone is begging for, and by everyone I mean me and David Brooks.


Blogger The Other Front said...

This is a good development.

Perhaps we should have an index of some sort, with this sort of thing at the bottom, and super trolls like this at the high end.

October 5, 2011 at 8:25 PM  

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