January 11, 2012


[He] raises his arms, Moses-like, to the glorious friezes that surround the interior of the ceremonial courtroom. And then Waxman points to one sculpted classical stone lawgiver after another as he guides the justices through the fleeting bottoms that pervade their lofty spaces: “There's a bare buttock there, and there's a bare buttock here,” he marvels. “And there may be more that I hadn't seen. But frankly, I had never focused on it before.” To which Justice Antonin Scalia grits out, “Me neither,” while all of the justices gape up at the walls above them, like bemused Muppets on Veterinarian Hospital.



Blogger Author said...

Of course, Justice Scalia- the malicious shithead- missed giant stone butts in his workplace.

Learn to see. Right-wingers are dead to the senses, having been steeped in the notion that this is a world of shadows and sin comapred to the world to come.

It has been remarked, WORiCoPeReDouBliS*, surprisingly few people who learn to draw well remain right-wing conservatives. This is because learning to draw requires learning to see obvious things, like enormous stone naked asses in your place of work.

*Without Rigorously Controlled Double-Blind Peer-Reviewed Studies. I am quite tired of typing out, letting alone speaking, this tedious concession when discussing cultural issues, so the new word is Woricoperedoublis, pronounced Worry-Co-Per-RE-Doobliss.

January 14, 2012 at 10:10 AM  

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