February 29, 2012

News Corp to No One

Murdochs and their minions habitually and as a matter of business operations bribed officials at every level of the British government.

That makes News Corp a criminal syndicate- an illegal private intelligence and propaganda service operating as if it was above the law.  That these crimes occurred alongside News Corp's fawning, lying and pompous crowing of pseudo-patriotism should fill any real patriot with total disgust - but of course their core skill is to feed on people's genuine love of country, and even of God in their utter cynicism, for their own rapacious profits.

Criminals, con men, and war profiteers, liars, dividers of friends and families - Murdoch made a business of spitting on justice, learning, ethics, tolerance, reason, science, and art. That is News Corp. That is Fox News. That is one of the most poisonous business operations in the world.

There are a million people in prison in America that haven't done a millionth of the damage to the nation.


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