April 03, 2012

About those new uniforms

I agree with the FSL: "Football teams do not have accents, they have colors. The team colors are blue and GREEN." And there isn't enough green.

Still, these uniforms are a vast improvement over the previous ones, if only because they eliminated the desaturated Prussian blue ("Pacific Blue," they named it, no doubt after that stupid TV show) that coated the old uniforms like the paint on a rental car. The new navy blue is not the most exciting color in the world, but I'll take Football Uniform Default Color A over colors chosen along the principles of interior design.

They at least tried to incorporate a (second) Salish art element into the uniform, though in this context it's somewhat abstract: the "feather" pattern used throughout the design. (Shown here on the pants stripe.) The problem is that lack of context can make it appear to be the tire tread I predicted last week. (I understand from the flash presentation on the Seahawks website that the horizontal stripes on the shoulder are inspired by totem pole wings. Could have been bolder, I think.)

As the FSL pointed out a long time ago, having your shirt match your pants looks stupid. I understand the Seahawks team plans to mix-and-match jersey and pants colors, and I hope they do, because having matching pants is a dumb way to have your uniforms be "unique."

Alternate jerseys are gray. Yawn. I predict folks who bought their alternate green jerseys will keep wearing them for years after the gray-blue ones have disappeared from the stands. That fans love green color is, in my view, a cry for help. It's the only color in the post-2001 uniforms they could develop an emotional attachment to. And this is why, as much as it would please me and a lot of long-time fans, the Seahawks can't go back to the old royal blue jerseys: it won't work with the bright green the newer fans have come to love. So instead of going backward, they went forward.

(Man in tasteful navy blue and white uniform, with highlight color, being sacked by a legend clad in awesome.)


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