May 28, 2012

Steed with a Sten

The Top Gear men, in their review of the up-gunned Jensen Interceptor, decided to do a title sequence for one of those 1960-70s British detective/spy shows, a la Sabotage.  It's enjoyable, though of course not up the the Beastie Boys' exceptionally high standard.

As sometimes happens, however, an otherwise ordinary affair has a flash of pure genius, in this case the transformation of James May into a boat-blasting, Sten-wielding badass.

If I were James May I would buy a box of those glasses, grow out the 'stache (or have one surgically attached), and put the hair stylist on retainer.  Because, while Hammond and Clarkson in The Interceptors are the same idiots they always are, May is a better man here than he has ever been or ever will be.

I have no doubt he could carry a show as James Steed...  I hope they do a pilot, with a better supporting cast.

Oh, and the funky music is the theme from Department S, a British spy-fi show which, alas, never made it across the pond.


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