September 17, 2012

Mitt Romney: Getting Tough to Satirize

Report: Romney Took Millions in Burmese Orphan-Sausage Maker Merger

Mitt Romney Attempts to Fight Off Three-Toed Sloth Attack: Video

Romney Proposes Extending Oktoberfest to Two Months

Romney Tragically Offends Volcano God

Romney:  Ship Poor to Denmark

Gaunt-Looking Romney Pulls Gun on Jim Lehrer in Debate

Presidential Campaign Balloon Give-a-way Kills Four

Ann Romney Leaves Mitt for Joe Lieberman

Mitt Compares Self to Superhero Giant-Mouth Black Spiderman

Former Candidate Found Writing "Big Jet" on Large Cardboard Box

Video: Mitt Romney Kissed by Dozens of Bi-Curious Amish Men


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